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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gulliver set sail with?
(a) little girls
(b) little animals
(c) little boys
(d) little plants

2. Which item did the Lilliputian guards find, when they searched Gulliver?
(a) a portrait of Gulliver's wife
(b) a telescope
(c) glasses
(d) a razor

3. Gulliver helps the emperor's guards to search what?
(a) Gulliver's pockets
(b) the shore line, where Gulliver originally washed up
(c) the house of a suspected criminal
(d) the countryside for a missing child

4. During Gulliver's game, Gulliver saves a man and a what?
(a) rabbit
(b) dog
(c) cat
(d) horse

5. How long has Gulliver been on Blefuscu, when he sees something wash up on shore?
(a) three weeks
(b) seven days
(c) seven weeks
(d) three days

Short Answer Questions

1. The Lilliputians think that fraud is worse than what offense?

2. Which item did Gulliver hide from the Lilliputian guards?

3. How long does Gulliver stay with his wife before setting sail again?

4. Gulliver must agree, also, to be an ally against the people of what place?

5. What does the emperor of Blefuscu decide to do when he finds out about the articles against Gulliver?

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