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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


Gulliver is introduced as a trained doctor, yet his heart seems to be that of an explorer and traveler.

The objective of this lesson is to explore the topic of occupation versus desire. For example, why must people sometimes take jobs that they don't want. Why are some people's dream jobs different from other people's dream jobs? Also, how do people incorporate their desires into their jobs, like Gulliver did as a ship's doctor?


Class discussion:

What jobs might Gulliver hold in modern times that would use his passion for people and exploring and keep him happy?

Class activity:

Ask the students to prepare and give a short presentation on what their dream job would be. Have them use visual aids in their presentations, when appropriate. Allow the other students to ask questions about the job and why the student chose it.

For homework:


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