Gulliver's Travels Character Descriptions

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Blefuscudians - Big-Enders and inhabitants of the island across the water from Lilliput, these people are supportive of the rebel Big-Ender refugees.

Skyresh Bolgolam - High Admiral of Lilliput and counselor to the Emperor, this person is the enemy of Gulliver from the start.

Brobdingnagians - These people are a race of giants who live in a country in the Arctic Sea that Gulliver visits in Part II.

Emperor of Lilliput - A fingernail taller than his subjects, this person is a handsome man with strong features, an olive complexion, and a regal bearing.

Empress of Lilliput - This person likes Gulliver at first, since he charms this person by kissing her hand.

Quinbus Flestrin - Gulliver is at first called this (which he translates as Man Mountain) by the Lilliputians, and then is given the honorable title of Nardac.

Flimnap - This person is Lord High...

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