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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Gulliver, the narrator, opens by saying that his father sent him to school when he was young.

• Gulliver was schooled to be a surgeon and also learned other traits to help him at sea, such as navigation.

• After his education, Gulliver was a ship's doctor for a couple years, before settling down with his wife in London.

• Gulliver's friend and mentor died and his practice failed, forcing him to take a position on a ship again.

• After a couple years, Gulliver tried to restart his practice, but failed and had to go back to sea again.

• The voyage is filled with trouble. The men are ill and overworked.

• Six months into the journey, the ship hits a rock.

• Six of the men escape in a dingy, but the dingy overturns and Gulliver is left alone.

• Gulliver swims to land and falls asleep, exhausted.

• When Gulliver awakens...

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