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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 50-101.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the very few recreational activities of the Patrician?
(a) Playing the piano.
(b) Playing chess.
(c) Embroidery.
(d) Cookery.

2. How long does the dragon materialize for when it is first summoned?
(a) We are not told.
(b) As long as the magic lasted.
(c) Five hours.
(d) As long as the Supreme Grand Master wanted it to.

3. Where does Lady Ramkin live?
(a) Scoone Avenue.
(b) Sator Square.
(c) Sweetheart Lane.
(d) Spooner Avenue.

4. What is distinctive about the way the Librarian speaks?
(a) He mixes Latin with colloquial English.
(b) He drops his H's.
(c) He can only say "ook".
(d) He always speaks in block capitals.

5. Where did Carrot first meet Sam Vimes?
(a) In Mrs Palm's house.
(b) In an alehouse .
(c) In the Patrician's palace.
(d) At the guardhouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Vimes drunkenly pronounce "tremble in their boots"?

2. According to the passwords of one secret society of Elucidated Brethren's, what does a good mother give to the errant boy?

3. What part of the town does the dragon appear in?

4. Who recommends that Carrot join the Watch?

5. Which of the following is Carrot not given him when he sets off to Ankh-Morpork?

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