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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Hrothgar's third child?

2. What threat, besides Grendel, does Hrothgar face?

3. What does the coast guard wish to know of the strangers?

4. The giant has the strength of how many men?

5. What does Hrothgar's bowman kill?

Short Essay Questions

1. The goat invading the mere can be seen as a symbol and foreshadowing. What does the goat stand for?

2. Discuss Wealtheow's life at Hart and her unspoken feelings about her position as queen.

3. Describe the lead stranger. How does he act? What does he look like?

4. Discuss the images of the Shaper being burned on the pyre at the end of Chapter 10. What do the images symbolize?

5. What is the relationship between Hrothgar and Wealtheow? Are they a happy couple?

6. Describe the behavior of Grendel's mother. How are her actions altered by Grendel's increase in power?

7. Describe Grendel's reaction to the strangers. How does he feel about the lead stranger?

8. Discuss the people's view of religion after years of Grendel's oppression.

9. Discuss the priests' reaction to Ork's tale of speaking with the Great Destroyer.

10. Describe the Danes reaction to the Geats as Grendel observes them.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss what Grendel comes to realize while hanging in the tree. Why is this realization important?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Grendel's state of mind in the twelfth year of his war. Is he going crazy? Has his power over Hrothgar overwhelmed him?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss Hrothgar's rise to power. What did it do to the land? How did it alter the outlying villages?

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