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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the young king?
(a) Hrothulf
(b) Hygmod
(c) Beowulf
(d) Heremod

2. What would happen if Grendel killed the last Scylding?
(a) He would have to move
(b) The dragon would be right
(c) He would be hunted
(d) He would be bored

3. What is the name of the priest who comes to Grendel in the middle of the night?
(a) Ork
(b) Ogg
(c) Trig
(d) Frigg

4. Hygmod proposes a truce by what gesture?
(a) A white flag
(b) A chest of treasure
(c) Drawing his sword with his left hand
(d) A feast

5. What do the village children make in the snow?
(a) Forts
(b) Fires
(c) Snow angels
(d) Snowmen

Short Answer Questions

1. The young priest tells the people that the gods made what for their joy?

2. Who does Grendel ask Ork to tell him about?

3. Grendel says the priests taste like what?

4. Grendel hopes twelve is what?

5. Who challenges the strength and purpose of the Geatish stranger?

Short Essay Questions

1. What similarities do you see between the brief account of Finn and Hnaef and Hrothgar and Wealtheow's brother?

2. Describe the effect Wealtheow has on Hrothgar's hall.

3. Discuss Wealtheow's reaction to Hrothgar's claiming the stranger as a son and the plan to marry Freawaru off as the sign of a truce in Chapter 11.

4. Describe the lead stranger. How does he act? What does he look like?

5. In Chapter 12, discuss Grendel's interpretation of why his mother does not answer him as he calls for her while fighting the Stranger.

6. Discuss the sentiment that bread-thieves die while murders go free.

7. Discuss Wealtheow's life at Hart and her unspoken feelings about her position as queen.

8. Discuss what Grendel means by saying that it is just as pointless to kill Wealtheow as to let her live.

9. Discuss the statement, "By deeds worth praise a man can, in any kingdom, prosper!" How do these words from the Shaper contradict what the dragon told Grendel?

10. Discuss the images of the Shaper being burned on the pyre at the end of Chapter 10. What do the images symbolize?

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