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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who challenges the strength and purpose of the Geatish stranger?
(a) Unferth
(b) Hygmod
(c) Hrothgar
(d) Hrothulf

2. Why is Wealtheow not immediately allowed in the hall with the strangers?
(a) She is sick
(b) She is not welcome
(c) The situation is too tense
(d) Women eat later

3. Who does Grendel ask Ork to tell him about?
(a) Hrothgar
(b) The Dragon
(c) The King of Gods
(d) Cain

4. How do the strangers arrive?
(a) They walk
(b) By horse
(c) By boat
(d) They swim

5. The three priests think Ork is?
(a) Crazy
(b) Senile
(c) Telling the truth
(d) Frozen

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Grendel escape the stranger?

2. How many strangers are there?

3. Wha does Grendel discover about the second man he snatches?

4. What does Grendel's mother do each time he returns home?

5. What is unique about Ork?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare the bowsman hunting the hart to the priest coming to Grendel in the ring of gods.

2. Discuss Ork's reaction as he talks about the King of Gods.

3. Describe the match between Grendel and the stranger. What mistakes does Grendel make? What tactics does the stranger utilize?

4. Describe the effect Wealtheow has on Hrothgar's hall.

5. Describe the Danes reaction to the Geats as Grendel observes them.

6. Describe the behavior of Grendel's mother. How are her actions altered by Grendel's increase in power?

7. Discuss the statement, "By deeds worth praise a man can, in any kingdom, prosper!" How do these words from the Shaper contradict what the dragon told Grendel?

8. Discuss Wealtheow's reaction to Hrothgar's claiming the stranger as a son and the plan to marry Freawaru off as the sign of a truce in Chapter 11.

9. What do Wealtheow's words to the sleeping Hrothulf mean?

10. Describe Grendel's reaction to the strangers. How does he feel about the lead stranger?

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