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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leaves Hrothgar's hall unimpressed by the blind man's words in Chapter 3?
(a) The old Shaper.
(b) Hrothgar.
(c) Hrothulf.
(d) Unferth.

2. What does Grendel say Hrothgar's sons would do with their father's gold?
(a) Weigh it in their minds.
(b) Divide it evenly.
(c) Give it all away.
(d) Spend it.

3. Where does Grendel go at the end of Chapter 4?
(a) To the dragon's lair.
(b) Across the sea.
(c) To his cave.
(d) Deeper into the mountains.

4. What advice does the dragon give Grendel?
(a) To move away.
(b) To kill Hrothgar.
(c) To seek out gold.
(d) To devour the queen.

5. Where does Grendel sit to watch the mens' activities?
(a) The top of Hrothgar's hall.
(b) The dragon's cave.
(c) The circle of gods.
(d) The eaves of the forest.

6. In what part of his body is Hrothgar sick?
(a) His mind.
(b) His stomach.
(c) His heart.
(d) His soul.

7. What does Grendel want to know that the dragon won't answer?
(a) How.
(b) Why.
(c) Where.
(d) When.

8. Why does the bull attack Grendel?
(a) All animals hate Grendel.
(b) Grendel tried to kill it.
(c) It is hungry.
(d) Its calf is close by.

9. Grendel compares the ram to what?
(a) Himself.
(b) His mother.
(c) The Shaper.
(d) A slow-witted king.

10. How many men does Grendel kill on his first raid?
(a) Five.
(b) Seven.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

11. How many days after their first meeting does Unferth seek out Grendel's cave?
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Five.
(d) Four.

12. What does the pool of firesnakes protect?
(a) Grendel's treasure.
(b) A sunken door.
(c) The dragon's cave.
(d) The dragon's treasure.

13. The dragon encourages Grendel to do what with his life?
(a) Kill Hrothgar.
(b) Burn down Hart.
(c) Ignore Men.
(d) Change the future.

14. What does Grendel call the words of the blind man in Chapter 3?
(a) Truth.
(b) Lies.
(c) Poetry.
(d) Beautiful songs.

15. Where is Grendel going when he leaves his home in Chapter 1?
(a) The forest.
(b) The mountains.
(c) The moors.
(d) Hrothgar's Hall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal is the speaker shooing away in Chapter 1?

2. How does Grendel initially feel about the party in Hart in Chapter 4?

3. What does Hrothgar throw at Grendel in Chapter 3?

4. What is the dragon sitting on?

5. What does Grendel do to Hrothgar's guard that attacks him in Chapter 6?

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