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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Shaper sing of that upsets Grendel?
(a) Wealtheow
(b) Grendel's mother
(c) Grendel
(d) God

2. In Chapter 11, what does Grendel call the strangers in their armor?
(a) Silly men
(b) Fat cows
(c) Shiny bulls
(d) Stupid bears

3. Who does the blind man sing of?
(a) Scyld
(b) Hrothgar
(c) Wealtheow
(d) Beowulf

4. In Chapter 7, what happens to the bear?
(a) Hymgod looses it
(b) Grendel kills it
(c) Hrothgar has it killed for food
(d) It runs away

5. In Chapter 7, Unferth is accused of killing whom?
(a) His sons
(b) His brother
(c) His wife
(d) His father

6. Grendel thinks that the stranger is what?
(a) Too strong
(b) Crazy
(c) Lucky
(d) Weak

7. Where is the creature going when he leaves his home?
(a) The forest
(b) The moors
(c) Hrothgar's Hall
(d) The mountains

8. What time of year is it when Grendel begins his war with Hrothgar?
(a) Fall
(b) Summer
(c) Winter
(d) Spring

9. In Chapter 8, Ingeld is the ruler of who?
(a) The Scyldings
(b) The Geats
(c) The Danes
(d) The Heathobards

10. What changes in the spring between the clans of men?
(a) They plant crops together
(b) They build one main hall
(c) They sign a truce
(d) They begin warring

11. How does Grendel discover that he cannot be harmed by weapons?
(a) He hits himself with a knife
(b) He steps on a spearhead
(c) A guard attacks him
(d) His mother scratches him

12. How old is Hrothgar when Grendel decides to destroy him?
(a) A young king
(b) A baby
(c) An old, old man
(d) A teenager

13. What does Grendel do to Hrothgar's guard?
(a) Takes him back to his mother
(b) Tears his arms off
(c) Throws him off a cliff
(d) Bites his head off

14. Why is Unferth so weak?
(a) Because the journey into the cave is difficult
(b) Because he is wounded
(c) Because he has traveled a far distance
(d) Because he is old

15. What is the word used to denote the king's followers?
(a) Thane
(b) Vassal
(c) Freond
(d) Lord

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the downside of Grendel's new power?

2. Who is the woman the creature killed long ago?

3. What time of day does Grendel wander outside?

4. What happens when Grendel strikes the ground?

5. What does Grendel say Hrothgar's sons would do with their father's gold?

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