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Grendel's Abode

Divide students into groups. Have each group create their own interpretation of what Grendel's underwater cave home looks like.

Who is the Scariest Monster of Them All?

Hold a poster contest for students in which they depict Grendel and his mother. Students can either draw representations of one monster or of both. Judge the posters in three categories: Grendel, Grendel's mother, Grendel with his mother. Have other faculty or another class judge the pictures based on criteria like scare factor, artistic quality, and neatness.

The Great Hall

Hrothgar built his great hall, Hart, out of pride fostered by the words of the Shaper. Have students work in small groups to construct their own Hart. Submissions may be attempts to create what the students think the real Hart looked like or designs based on what they would like their own great mead hall to look like.

Dress like a Viking Day

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