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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Grendel’s observation that animals see life without observing it. According to Grendel, animals make no distinctions in their lives. What implications does this hold for men? For Grendel himself?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the use of the word "theories" in the book. Grendel refers to theories and the dragon refers theories also. What theories do they propose? How are the dragon and Grendel theories themselves?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Grendel's relationship with his mother when he is young. How does she treat him? How does this affect his adulthood? How does their relationship shift as he grows older?

Essay Topic 4

Discuss what Grendel comes to realize while hanging in the tree. Why is this realization important? How does this realization shape Grendel’s actions?

Essay Topic 5

Discuss the name "Shaper" as applied to the hall poet or bard. Why is the title significant? What does the...

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