Grendel Character Descriptions

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This character is never given a proper name in the story. He is a Stranger from across the sea that arrives to kill the monster Grendel. He has the strength of 30 men.


This character's existence may be real or a figment of Grendel's imagination. This character is a speaker of philosophy and has a cynical view of the world. After meeting with this character, the monster Grendel is invincible to weapons.

First Priest

The high priest’s company includes four other priests who serve under him. This character is fond of quoting scripture and focuses on the gospel.

Fourth Priest

This character is the youngest of the priests. He believes the high priest’s words about Grendel.


This character is Hrothgar's daughter by a woman who had died. Hrothgar, however, plans to marry her off to the ruler of another rival fiefdom.


This character...

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