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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* Grendel has been waging his idiotic war for twelve years.

* Grendel tells about himself and his hatred for nature.

* Grendel torments the men of Hrothgar's hall. He is frustrated with the men but cannot leave them alone.

Chapter 2

* Grendel tells about his childhood and the games he used to play.

* Grendel also tells about the first time he met men.

* Grendel was caught in a tree and at night a group of Hrothgar's men discovered him.

* Grendel was not impressed by their appearance but continued to visit the mead hall.

Chapter 3

* Grendel explains his decision to wage war on Hrothgar.

* Grendel tells about the warring between the tribes and Hrothgar's rise to power.

* A new Shaper arrives at Hrothgar's hall.

* The Shaper sings stories that intrigue and repel Grendel.

Chapter 4

* Grendel does not like Hrothgar's great mead hall.

* Grendel tells how Hrothgar came to build Hart.

* Grendel...

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