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Chapter 1

• NOTE: Citations in this Lesson Plan refer to the following version of the book: Gardner, John. Grendel. Published June 2nd, 2010 by Random House Vintage Books. Paperback edition.

• Grendel is a postmodern fantasy novel that recasts the antagonist from Beowulf as the anti-hero of his own narrative, related from the first-person perspective.

• In Chapter 1, the reader learns that Grendel has been waging his idiotic war for twelve years against the humans.

• Grendel tells about himself and his hatred for nature.

• Grendel torments the men of Hrothgar's hall. He is frustrated with the men but cannot leave them alone.

• Grendel steals bodies from the hall and eats them in the woods, contemplating his cycle of killing sprees.

Chapter 2

• Chapter 2 establishes Grendel’s back-story and describes how he came to the outside world from his mother’s cave.

• Grendel tells about his childhood and the games he used to play...

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