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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pip not want to stay at the Pocket's house?
(a) He wants to get closer to Herbert.
(b) He wants more privacy.
(c) It is too chaotic.
(d) He does not like Belinda.

2. What song does Pip sing for Miss Havisham?
(a) God Save Our King.
(b) Old Clem.
(c) Going Home.
(d) Merrily We Roll Along.

3. What is Mrs. Joe unable to do after her injury?
(a) See.
(b) Breathe.
(c) Speak.
(d) Walk.

4. What does Pip ask Biddy to do before he leaves Joe's house?
(a) Write to him.
(b) Educate Joe.
(c) Come with him.
(d) Help his sister.

5. Who does not look at Pip a single time while Pip is visiting Miss Havisham's estate?
(a) Estella.
(b) Mr. Jaggers.
(c) Joe.
(d) Miss Havisham.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who rides in the carriage with Pip when he leaves London for the first time?

2. Who does Miss Havisham ask Pip to bring to her house?

3. Pip is given a tour of what place on his first day away from the marshes?

4. Where does Pip stay when he leaves London for the first time?

5. What is Jaggers doing when Pip goes to ask him for some money for furniture?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes Mrs. Pocket to burst into tears when Pip first meets her?

2. Describe Mr. Wopsle's first play as an actor.

3. How does Mr. Jaggers embarrass Mr. Wopsle in the tavern?

4. What happens when Pip is challenged to a fight at Miss Havisham's house?

5. What happens to the convict after Pip helps him on the marshes?

6. Towards what profession is Pip's education leading when he first visits with Mattew Pocket?

7. What does Pip learn when he tries to find Biddy at her school?

8. Why is Magwitch not tried immediately after he arrested?

9. What does Magwitch ask of Pip when he is captured?

10. Into what kind of trouble does Herbert start to get himself, and how can Pip help him?

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