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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Biddy upset with Pip when he comes home from London?
(a) She is mad that he has insulted her beau.
(b) She feels he has become too proud.
(c) She is upset that he did not write to her while he was away.
(d) She does not believe he will visit Joe.

2. Who does Pip ask for the truth about Estella's birth?
(a) Mr. Jaggers.
(b) Miss Havisham.
(c) Mr. Wemmick.
(d) Magwitch.

3. What happens that causes Pip to have to return to the marshes?
(a) Joe is injured.
(b) His sister dies.
(c) He runs out of money.
(d) Estella summons him.

4. Who wants to murder Magwitch?
(a) Miss Havisham.
(b) Compeyson.
(c) Arthur.
(d) Orlick.

5. What is Pip's allowance?
(a) 125 pounds per anum.
(b) 125 pounds per quarter.
(c) 125 pounds per year.
(d) 125 pounds per month.

6. Who does Pip see at Miss Havisham's house at the end of the book?
(a) Mr. Pumblechook.
(b) Drummle.
(c) Mr. Wemmick.
(d) Estella.

7. Why is Pip arrested?
(a) Stealing wine.
(b) Shooting at Orlick.
(c) Protecting Magwitch.
(d) Not paying debts.

8. Who sees Compeyson at a theater?
(a) Mr. Wemmick.
(b) Pip.
(c) Mr. Wopsle.
(d) Magwitch.

9. What profession does Pip pursue at the end of the book?
(a) A tutor.
(b) A clerk.
(c) A banker.
(d) A blacksmith.

10. What does Pip do after seeing Mr. Wopsle in his first role as an actor?
(a) Laughs out loud with his buddies.
(b) Takes Mr. Wopsle to dinner.
(c) Writes a critique of the play.
(d) Sneaks out unnoticed.

11. Who writes the letter asking to meet Pip on the marshes?
(a) Drummle.
(b) Compeyson.
(c) Provis.
(d) Orlick.

12. For whom is Herbert going to work?
(a) Wemmick's brother-in-law.
(b) Miss Havisham's nephew.
(c) Mr. Pocket's uncle.
(d) Jaggers's sister.

13. For what is Orlick arrested?
(a) Stealing from Miss Havisham.
(b) Breaking into Mr. Pumblechook's house.
(c) Trying to kill Pip.
(d) Killing Mrs. Joe.

14. What does Estella say Pip will be allowed to do when she sees him in London?
(a) Visit her mother.
(b) Write to her.
(c) See her from time to time.
(d) Marry her if he can get rich enough.

15. About what does Pip confront Miss Havisham?
(a) Pretending to be his benefactor.
(b) Getting his hopes up.
(c) Allowing Estella to court Drummle.
(d) Lying to him about her past.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Estella going when she sees Pip in London?

2. Where is Pip's visitor living before coming to see Pip during the storm?

3. What does Pip have to find in order to see Magwitch?

4. With whom does Magwitch room while he is in London?

5. When is Pip supposed to meet with Mr. Jaggers for an important appointment?

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