Great Expectations Character Descriptions

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Arthur - This character leaves his fiancee at the wedding and later dies of fright.

Biddy - This character is gentle, loving, soft-spoken, wise, and works as a tutor before getting married.

Compeyson - This character is the scoundrel who arranges an affair between a man and a rich girl in order to get the girl's fortune. He also testifies in court about an earlier scheme that failed.

Bentley Drummle - This character is no gentleman, but is a rude and lazy man who teases his roommate and earns the nick-name of The Spider.

Estella - This character is adopted by a rich lady at the age of two, and is taught from that point on to reject all who love her.

Joe - This character is a young boy's uncle and surrogate father. He is a fellow sufferer of his wife's nasty temper and violent behavior...

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