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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Pozdnyshev's justification for killing his wife?

2. What does Murad ask for when he has reached his destination?

3. How does Pozdnyshev describe his union with his wife?

4. Where are Vasili and Nikita and Mukhorty traveling to?

5. Who is Hadji Murad?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Murad ask Prince Vorontsov for after he surrenders?

2. What does Pozdnyshev realize as soon as he kills his wife?

3. What happens to Vasili and Nikita after they set out from Grishkino?

4. Why does Father Sergius ask to be reassigned to a hermitage?

5. What is Nikita's relationship with Mukhorty?

6. Why does Murad want to fight Shamil?

7. What gift did Father Sergius discover he had, and what did it do for him?

8. What are some possible morals for "Master and Man"?

9. What did the Tsar decide with regard to Murad?

10. What effect does Trukhachevsky's arrival have on Pozdnyshev's marriage?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Tolstoy treat the relationship between Russians and others--Chechen, Tartars, Cossacks, Turks? What make Russians Russian? What distinguishes them from the others, and what is the basis for hostility when there his hostility? What stance does Tolstoy take in presenting these relationships? (Sympathetic, critical, nationalistic?)

Essay Topic 2

How do characters in three of Tolstoy's stories handle depression? What is it typically caused by, and what are the effective solutions to it?

Essay Topic 3

Many characters in Tolstoy's stories learn and grow throughout the stories. Analyzing three stories, describe the and compare the kinds of growth Tolstoy portrays: are there commonalities? Is growth always in the direction of moral and spiritual enlightenment? If not, what other kinds of growth does Tolstoy describe?

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