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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Countess Korotkova?

2. What are Stepan Kasatsky's motives for whatever he undertakes?

3. Where does Pozdnyshev tell the story of killing his wife?

4. Who is Shamil?

5. How does Tolstoy say Stepan Kasatsky feels about the Emperor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Vasili and Nikita after they set out from Grishkino?

2. Describe Stepan Kasatsky' personality.

3. What is Nikita's relationship with Mukhorty?

4. How does Stepan acquire the name Father Sergius?

5. What causes Vasili Andreevich to set off for Goryachkin?

6. What is the setting for "Kreutzer Sonata"?

7. What are some possible morals for "Master and Man"?

8. What is the event that precipitates Pozdnyshev's murder of his wife?

9. What effect does Trukhachevsky's arrival have on Pozdnyshev's marriage?

10. Describe Pozdnyshev's marriage.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is Tolstoy's literary universe a chaotic one, as people say modern life is chaotic or random--or is it organized around some law or consistency? What law Tolstoy's fictional world organized around?

Essay Topic 2

To what extent are Tolstoy's stories allegories? How do characters and events in the stories map to values and ideas in the allegory? Explain the allegorical significance of two of Tolstoy's stories.

Essay Topic 3

Some of Tolstoy's characters learn and grow, but some, like Ivan Ilych's wife, remain consistently bound to their temperament. Analyzing characters who are bound by temperament, assess the theory of temperament in Tolstoy's writing. Are people free to develop, or are they bound by their characters, in Tolstoy's opinion?

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