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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tolstoy say Marya and Sergey each believe about the other?
(a) That they are independent.
(b) That they are perfect.
(c) That they are flawed.
(d) That they each depend on the other.

2. What does Marya say she got, in her marriage to Sergey?
(a) A life of ease.
(b) A life of struggle.
(c) A life of troubles.
(d) A life of art.

3. What does Marya find after she gives birth?
(a) A new kind of happiness.
(b) A sharp impatience.
(c) A deeper religious sense.
(d) Greater depression.

4. What does Sergey tease Marya about?
(a) Her dark sense of humor.
(b) Her ignorance of French literature.
(c) Her coquettish nature.
(d) Her housekeeping.

5. Where does Eugene Irtenev live?
(a) Moscow.
(b) The Caucasus.
(c) The country.
(d) Petersburg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ivan Ilych find in place of death?

2. How long was Ivan Ilych in his position before he was appointed to the position of public prosecutor in another town?

3. How does Marya see herself in relation to Sergey, once she begins to be depressed?

4. How does Tolstoy describe conjugal relations with Eugene Irtenev and his wife?

5. What surprises Marya after her marriage to Sergey?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes Sergey and Marya's relationship to blossom?

2. What is Alyosha's situation at the beginning of "Alyosha the Pot"?

3. Why did Hadji Murad set out for Russia?

4. What torments Eugene Irtenev, and how does he plan to end his suffering?

5. Describe Dmitri's departure from the Caucasus.

6. Who are the Grebensk Cossacks?

7. What happens the first time Nikita and Vasili get off the road?

8. Who is Eugene Irtenev and where does he live at the beginning of the story?

9. What gift did Father Sergius discover he had, and what did it do for him?

10. What happens in the first ambush Lukashka sets up?

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