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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ivan Ilych's relationship with his wife change when he begins to work at the Court of Justice?
(a) They separate.
(b) They declare a truce.
(c) They fall out of love.
(d) They resume hostilities.

2. What causes Marya Alexandrovna's depression?
(a) Her mother's death.
(b) Her brother's illness.
(c) Her husband's death.
(d) Her father's drunkenness.

3. How would you describe the nature Dmitri expects to find in the Caucasus?
(a) Domesticated.
(b) Exhausted.
(c) Sublime.
(d) Fertile.

4. Why does Eugene Irtenev move to the Semenov estate?
(a) To intervene in a conflict with the tenants.
(b) To care for his mother.
(c) To implement new laws.
(d) To see to some repairs.

5. With whom did the Grebensk Cossacks intermarry?
(a) Chechens.
(b) Russians.
(c) Greeks.
(d) Georgians.

6. What do Marya's boredom and depression turn into?
(a) Self-destructive behavior.
(b) Illness.
(c) Creativity.
(d) Jealousy.

7. How does Marya see herself in relation to Sergey, once she begins to be depressed?
(a) As a goddess.
(b) As a mother.
(c) As a nuisance.
(d) As an afterthought.

8. What political stance do the Muslim Tartars typically take?
(a) Pro-independence.
(b) Pro-Turkish.
(c) Anti-Russian.
(d) Pro-Russian.

9. What surprises Marya after her marriage to Sergey?
(a) The continual work and sacrifice.
(b) The new importance of self-sacrifice.
(c) The absence of work and sacrifice.
(d) The loss of privacy and self-possession.

10. What rekindled Eugene Irtenev's love for his wife?
(a) The birth of a daughter.
(b) He inherited his father's estate.
(c) He lost his health.
(d) A miscarriage.

11. What does Sergey tease Marya about?
(a) Her coquettish nature.
(b) Her dark sense of humor.
(c) Her housekeeping.
(d) Her ignorance of French literature.

12. When did Dmitri believe a barrier was broken between himself and Maryanka?
(a) When he sees her baking bread.
(b) When she tells him of her engagement to Lukashka.
(c) At Beletsky's party.
(d) When he moves in with her family.

13. What convinces Ivan Ilych that death is getting close?
(a) His teeth fall out.
(b) He falls out of bed.
(c) He falls on the way to the toilet.
(d) He ceases to sleep.

14. Who is Eugene Irtenev?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A printer.
(c) A minister.
(d) A lawyer.

15. What did Ivan Ilych do when he took his second position?
(a) Start having affairs.
(b) Begin to gamble.
(c) Buy expensive clothes.
(d) Begin to drink.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ivan Ilych do in his second job?

2. What does Eugene Irtenev become restless for when he moves to the Semenov estate?

3. Why does Marya's depression return?

4. How does Tolstoy describe Dmitri's thoughts about love?

5. Who introduces Eugene Irtenev to Stepanida?

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