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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Hadji Murad.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who suggested that Murad be sent to Siberia?
(a) Marya Dmitrievna.
(b) Prince Vorontsov.
(c) An adviser to the Tsar.
(d) The Tsar.

2. How long did Nikita live after Vasili died?
(a) 2 weeks.
(b) 20 years.
(c) 2 months.
(d) 2 days.

3. What is Mukhorty covered with when he stumbles in a ditch?
(a) Snow.
(b) Hoar frost.
(c) Blankets.
(d) Ice.

4. How old is Marya Alexandrovna?
(a) 26.
(b) 17.
(c) 14.
(d) 21.

5. How does Tolstoy say Ivan Ilych's mood changed during his illness?
(a) He became religious.
(b) He became angry.
(c) He became irritable.
(d) He became peaceful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What desire did Pozdnyshev's wife have, which doctors frustrated?

2. How does Tolstoy describe the force that overcomes Eugene Irtenev's reticence about meeting a married woman?

3. How does Ivan Ilych's relationship with his wife change when he begins to work at the Court of Justice?

4. How does Ivan Ilych begin his career?

5. What effect do visits to Moscow and Petersburg have on Marya's depression?

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