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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Kreutzer Sonata.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What desire did Pozdnyshev's wife have, which doctors frustrated?
(a) To take a lover.
(b) To nurse her child.
(c) To take care of Pozdnyshev.
(d) To bear children.

2. How does Ivan Ilych feel about his life as he reviews it from his deathbed?
(a) He is grateful for all his opportunities.
(b) He is revolted.
(c) He decides he would not do anything differently.
(d) He forgives himself.

3. What is the relationship between Christian Cossacks and Muslim Tartars?
(a) Wariness.
(b) Annihilating hatred.
(c) Commercial interdependence.
(d) Mutual trust.

4. What causes Sergey to say that he and Marya must return to the country?
(a) Her pregnancy.
(b) His affair with a girl in Moscow.
(c) Her illness.
(d) His finances.

5. How does Pozdnyshev describe his union with his wife?
(a) A passionate union.
(b) A spiritual union.
(c) A practical, economic union.
(d) A carnal union.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tolstoy say Ivan Ilych's mood changed during his illness?

2. Who does Marya live with at the beginning of "Family Happiness"?

3. What does Dmitri encounter in the Caucasus?

4. What rekindled Eugene Irtenev's love for his wife?

5. Where does Pozdnyshev tell the story of killing his wife?

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