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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Kreutzer Sonata.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would you describe the nature Dmitri expects to find in the Caucasus?
(a) Fertile.
(b) Domesticated.
(c) Sublime.
(d) Exhausted.

2. What did Ivan Ilych do when he took his second position?
(a) Buy expensive clothes.
(b) Start having affairs.
(c) Begin to drink.
(d) Begin to gamble.

3. How does Tolstoy say Cossack men view their wives?
(a) As beasts of burden.
(b) As equals.
(c) As warriors.
(d) As goddesses.

4. Who are the Grebensk Cossacks descended from?
(a) Original Russian migrants.
(b) Katherine the Great.
(c) Alexander the Great.
(d) Tartars.

5. How does Pozdnyshev describe his marriage as he sees it in post-coital reflection?
(a) As two terrified children trying to save each other.
(b) As two egoists foreign to each other.
(c) As two animals desperate to consume each other.
(d) As to cold souls begrudging each other their pleasure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What inspired the jealousy rage in Pozdnyshev?

2. What topics does Sergey capture Marya's curiosity about?

3. What does Ivan Ilych ultimately realize about his wife?

4. Who does Marya live with at the beginning of "Family Happiness"?

5. How does Marya say her marriage to Sergey affects her relationship with the world?

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