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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Kreutzer Sonata.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What topics does Sergey capture Marya's curiosity about?
(a) New technology.
(b) The plight of workers.
(c) Planting crops.
(d) International politics.

2. How does Ivan Ilych begin his career?
(a) As a provincial magistrate.
(b) As an intern.
(c) As a clerk.
(d) As a foot soldier.

3. Where do Eugene Irtenev and Stepanida meet?
(a) In his apartments.
(b) In an inn.
(c) In her house.
(d) In the grasses.

4. Who is Praskovya Federovna?
(a) Ivan Ilych's wife.
(b) Ivan Ilych's sister.
(c) Ivan Ilych's lover.
(d) Ivan Ilych's mother.

5. When did Dmitri believe a barrier was broken between himself and Maryanka?
(a) When he moves in with her family.
(b) At Beletsky's party.
(c) When he sees her baking bread.
(d) When she tells him of her engagement to Lukashka.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pozdnyshev describe his marriage as he sees it in post-coital reflection?

2. How does Tolstoy say Ivan Ilych felt upon taking his position at the Court of Justice?

3. What do Marya's boredom and depression turn into?

4. What does Tolstoy say Pozdnyshev is oblivious to in his marriage?

5. Who is Sergey Mikhaylych?

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