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Family Happiness

• Marya Alexandrovna is depressed after her mother dies.
• Sergey Mikhaylych comes to stay with Marya and her sister and governess.
• Marya and Sergey fall in love and are married, and they travel but she gets depressed.
• After Marya has a child, she discovers that marriage is a completely different kind of struggle than she expected.

The Cossacks

• Dmitri Olenin thinks that he will find adventure and exotic women in the Caucasus.
• Arriving in the Caucasus, he finds the Cossacks living near the Tartars.
• Dmitri falls in love with Maryanka, a Cossack woman.
• Maryanka is engaged to Lukashka, but Lukashka is ultimately shot and killed in a skirmish and Maryanka ignores Dmitri when he returns to Russia.

The Death of Ivan Ilych

• Ivan Ilych is a talented young law school graduate, who moves up the ladder to important positions.
• Ivan Ilych marries Praskovya Federovna, who has a...

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