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Philosophyappears in Ion, Meno, Symposium, The Republic, The Apology, Crito, Phae

According to Plato, this concept is the highest of all studies, a genuine "love of wisdom." This concept investigates the realities of everyday objects as having abstract qualities that can only be understood through reason.

Timocracyappears in The Republic

This system is a type of government by honor or spirit, based on military rule. It is the second best form of government after rule by philosophers because it maintains good, but it is fundamentally flawed because it obscures reason as a political compass.

Oligarchyappears in The Republic

This system is a degenerate form of government. Under this type of rule, those who have amassed the most wealth rule, and greed is the law of the land.

Democracyappears in The Republic

This system is rule by the poor or masses. It is characterized by total freedom in which...

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