Great Dialogues Character Descriptions

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Socratesappears in Ion, Meno, Symposium, The Republic, The Apology, Crito, Phae - This person was a philosopher persecuted for corrupting the Athens' youth and dishonoring the gods.

Cephalusappears in The Republic - This person speaks about the benefits and hardships of old age. He ultimately suggests that old age is a blessing, since it frees a man from the uncontrollable passions of his youth

Polemarchusappears in The Republic - This person suggests that justice is doing good to one's friend and evil to one's enemy, a definition which Plato quickly tears apart based on its passivity.

Thrasymachusappears in The Republic - This character is particularly averse to the Socratic method and identified as a Sophist. He thinks that justice is just a tool used by people, not an inherent virtue.

Adeimantus and Glauconappears in The Republic - These characters are brothers who serve as interlocutors during The...

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