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• Ion arrives from the poetry recital contest in Epidarus where he wins first prize.

• Socrates asks Ion if his talent comes from skill of divine inspiration.

• Ion and Socrates speak about the differences between skill and inspiration, as they relate to art.

• Ion admit his talent is limited to Homer's poetry and Socrates reasons that this is proof that his talent is not skill, but inspiration from a muse.

• Socrates concludes that the gods speak to the muses, the muses inspire the rhapsodes, and the rhapsodes speak to the people. Therefore, the gods speak to the people through poetry.
• Socrates tells Ion that he must be out of his head when he speaks to the people, since he speaks on subjects that he is not acquainted with (such as military exploits).

• Ion tries to rebut this position, but Socrates does not allow him

• Socrates recites passage from...

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