Objects & Places from Grave Peril

Jim Butcher
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This city is the setting for most of the story.


This is the name for the spirit world.


This is the protagonist's obese house cat.

Red Court Vampires

This is a clan of vampires who feed on blood, and attempt to kill the protagonist.

Black Court Vampires

This type of vampire are the ones that closely resemble Dracula and their weaknesses are well known.

White Court Vampires

This group of vampires feed off of emotion, instead of blood.

White Council

This is a group of wizards to which the protagonist belongs.

Casandra's Tears

This is a condition which allows those who have it to see into the future.

St. Mary of the Angels Church

This is the place where the protagonist instructs another character to hide.


This is the sword made from one of the nails used to crucify Christ.

Scooby-Doo Lunchbox

This item...

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