Daily Lessons for Teaching Grave Peril

Jim Butcher
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-4)


Chapter 1-4

Michael's sword, Amoracchius, is made with one of the nails used to crucify Christ. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the nail's power as a symbol of Michael's faith.


1) In-class writing assignment: In one to two paragraphs, have students answer the following questions: What weapon does Michael use when he helps Harry? What is special about it? How was it made?

2) In-class group work: Divide students into groups of three or four, and have them discuss the following questions: What is the basis for Michael's power? Does Amoracchius have inherent power, or does its power derive from the strength of Michael's faith magic? Why?

3) In-class discussion: As a class, have students discuss the work they did in groups. In addition, have them discuss the following questions: Why is there a nail from Christ's crucifixion embedded in the sword? Do you think...

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