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River Woods

This is the name for the area on the outskirts of town. It is near a field of tall Indian grass bordering the town cemetery.

China tree

This holds a house that is the setting for Dolly, Catherine, Collin, Riley and Judge Cool's escape.

County Bakery

This is owned by Mr. and Mrs. County, a prosperous and sociable couple who provide emotional support to Collin throughout his life.

Barber shop

This is run by Amos Legrand, who manages to keep the gossip and information network functioning.

Little Homer Honey Wagon

This is the name of a rundown truck fitted with a tarpaulin in which Sister Ida transports her big brood of little evangelists.


This is the name of a square building in the town next to the Ford dealership.

The creek

This is the source of bathing and splashing for the tree house group and...

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