The Grass Harp Character Descriptions

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Collin Fenwick

This character is the protagonist and narrator of the story.

Verena Talbo

This is the younger of the two sisters with whom the protagonist is sent to stay. This character is known for her aggressive and brusque manner.

Dolly Talbo

This is the elder of the two eccentric sisters with whom the protagonist is sent to stay, but seems younger because of her passive and self-effacing manner.

Catherine Creek

This character is brought to the household as an orphan and lives in a small building at the back of the property. This character swears to be an Indian but people in town think otherwise.

Maudie Laura Murphy

This character is the object of the younger sister's unrequited affections who marries and moves to the Grand Canyon.

Uriah Talbo

This character is a parent to the sisters with whom the protagonist goes to live.

Gypsy Woman


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