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Bernard MacLaverty
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Catherine's father disappointed to miss that he received many phone calls about?
(a) Her performance on the radio.
(b) Her award winning performance.
(c) Her college graduation.
(d) Her first recital.

2. Why does Catherine say that her music was in the newspaper?
(a) Because she is a woman in a man's world.
(b) Because she is an unmarried pregnant woman.
(c) Because she has been very fortunate.
(d) Because she is a Roman Catholic using Protestant drums.

3. How long ago did Catherine have a child?
(a) One year.
(b) Three months.
(c) Two months.
(d) One week.

4. How did Miss Bingham describe Catherine's work?
(a) Moody and changing.
(b) Inconsistent and spiraling.
(c) Surprising and catchy.
(d) Powerful and difficult.

5. What does Catherine think about when she watches and hears the dirt being thrown on her father's coffin?
(a) A Christmas Eve when she was 11.
(b) How her mother and father loved each other.
(c) When she first moved out of her parents home.
(d) The first time she played the piano for her father.

6. What happens when Catherine tries to play a piece that she hasn't finished writing for her favorite composer?
(a) His wife faints and has to be taken away.
(b) He interrupts her.
(c) His dog tries to mount her.
(d) He falls asleep in the chair.

7. What does Catherine wonder how to tell her mother?
(a) About Anna.
(b) About her depression.
(c) About her new job.
(d) About her memories of her father.

8. What did Catherine's music give to Miss Bingham?
(a) Love.
(b) Hope.
(c) Support.
(d) Peace.

9. How much was the prize when Catherine won the Moncrieff-Hewitt Award for her Piano Trio?
(a) Travel around Scotland.
(b) 1,000 pounds.
(c) Free tuition for a year.
(d) A new piano.

10. Which of the following was one of the changes Catherine noticed to her house?
(a) There are now CDs and a CD player.
(b) The piano has been removed.
(c) They have added on an extra room.
(d) There is new furniture in all of the rooms.

11. What does Catherine think her father would have hated in the piece she played on the radio?
(a) The accompaniment.
(b) The length.
(c) The speed.
(d) The drums.

12. What name does Catherine's mother cry and repeat over and over?
(a) Anna.
(b) Paddy.
(c) Brendan.
(d) Catie.

13. When Catherine and her mother go to meet her father at the train station when she was 11, what embarrassed her mother?
(a) His constant loud complaining of other people.
(b) His drunken behavior.
(c) His cussing.
(d) His public displays of affection.

14. How does Anna get from the plane to her hometown?
(a) Bus.
(b) Mother picks her up.
(c) Cab.
(d) Train.

15. What does lying around in bed remind Catherine of?
(a) The music she is forgetting to write.
(b) Being a child home sick.
(c) How much she misses her father.
(d) How depressed she was at one point.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Miss Bingham react to hearing that Catherine had a child?

2. What are grace notes according to this novel?

3. What does Catherine decide will save her?

4. Who does her mother say will do Catherine's hair for the funeral?

5. Why were some of the buildings in Catherine's town boarded up?

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