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Bernard MacLaverty
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Anna?
(a) 6 months.
(b) 3 months.
(c) 18 months.
(d) 20 months.

2. Who is Catherine's favorite composer?
(a) Melnichuck.
(b) Haydn.
(c) Olga.
(d) Mozart.

3. Why can't Miss Bingham play the piano anymore?
(a) Her piano was repossessed.
(b) She cannot see the music anymore.
(c) Her coughing constantly interrupts her.
(d) Her arthritis is so bad.

4. When they get back to the pub after the funeral, what is Catherine overwhelmed with a desire to do?
(a) Eat.
(b) Drink.
(c) Smoke.
(d) Cry.

5. What does Catherine's mother make her to calm her down?
(a) Some fresh chips.
(b) A nice meal.
(c) Tea.
(d) Warm milk.

6. How does Miss Bingham feel about Catherine?
(a) She is proud of her.
(b) She is surprised by her.
(c) She is disappointed in her.
(d) She is ashamed of her.

7. What happens when Catherine and Anna look at each other in the mirror?
(a) They both make faces.
(b) They both smile.
(c) They both laugh.
(d) They both cry.

8. What does Catherine think her father would have hated in the piece she played on the radio?
(a) The drums.
(b) The length.
(c) The speed.
(d) The accompaniment.

9. What name does Catherine's mother cry and repeat over and over?
(a) Catie.
(b) Paddy.
(c) Brendan.
(d) Anna.

10. What does Catherine look for as she rides through her hometown?
(a) Familiar landmarks.
(b) Drumming contests.
(c) The home she grew up in.
(d) People that she knows.

11. How does Catherine decide to head home from the airport?
(a) Anna's father picks her up.
(b) Bus.
(c) Taxi.
(d) Walking.

12. What does lying around in bed remind Catherine of?
(a) The music she is forgetting to write.
(b) Being a child home sick.
(c) How depressed she was at one point.
(d) How much she misses her father.

13. What is Catherine surprised to see when she gets to town?
(a) New housing developments.
(b) A theater that the Orangemen play in.
(c) A Chinese restaurant and police barracks.
(d) A statue of her father.

14. What is Catherine thinking about when she wakes up at four thirty in the morning?
(a) How she will do playing the organ.
(b) Anna and what is happening in Glasgow.
(c) Her mother and how she will move on.
(d) Her father and how much she misses him.

15. What did Miss Bingham like for Catherine to watch during concerts?
(a) The pianist.
(b) The audience.
(c) The conductor.
(d) The violinist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Catherine tries to play a piece that she hasn't finished writing for her favorite composer?

2. How does Catherine feel when she looks down at Anna?

3. What does Catherine do whenever she feels herself getting the flu?

4. What did the Chinese restaurant have to do to be able to stay in business?

5. When Catherine and her mother go to meet her father at the train station when she was 11, what embarrassed her mother?

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