Objects & Places from Grace Notes

Bernard MacLaverty
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Grace Notes

These are the elements between the main notes of a musical piece.

The Pub

This provides income and a home for Catherine's family.

Catherine's Childhood Bedroom

This is where Catherine's father framed and hung all of her early music awards.

The Beach

This is where Catherine takes Anna as a means of avoiding Dave.

Rotten Row

This is the nickname of the hospital in which Catherine gives birth to Anna.

The Silver Saltshaker

Catherine's parents received this as part of a wedding set.

The Graveyard

This is where Catherine's father is buried.

The Ratio of 1 to 1.62

According to Sister Immaculata , this is God's favorite and can be found in most aspects of nature, art and music.

The Orangemen's Drums

These are made from goatskin and require long rods or Malucca canes to play them.

The Former Church of Scotland

This has been turned into a music...

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