Grace Notes Character Descriptions

Bernard MacLaverty
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Catherine Anne McKenna

This character is an Irish composer who finds it difficult to talk about music.

Mrs. McKenna

This character is a traditional and old-fashioned Irish housewife. She takes care of her family and is devout in her religious beliefs.

Brendan McKenna

This character has a history of drinking too much and is a devout Catholic, but has a falling out with his daughter over her lack of belief.

Granny Boyd

This character sews on a pedal-operated Singer sewing machine. She sings as she keeps time with the rhythm of the pedal.

Miss Bingham

This is the main character's first music teacher.

Huang Xiao Gang

This character is a Chinese composer.

Anatoli Melnichuck

This is the main character's mentor.

Olga Melnichuck

This is the main character's mentor's wife and translator.

Sister Immaculata

This is the main character's high school biology and chemistry teacher.

Dave Dewhurst

This is...

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