Grace Notes Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bernard MacLaverty
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Part 1

• The novel opens with Catherine McKenna ready to board a plane for Ireland.

• She is returning to Ireland for her father's funeral and is trying to block out the thoughts of her baby, Anna.

• She has fond memories of her father from when she was a child which make her sad.

• Once she leaves the plane she gets on a bus which takes her through her hometown.

• She looks for familiar things and remembers listening to the Orangemen's drumming contests.

• Catherine's father told her that the Orangemen were Protestants who played loudly and hard so that they could feel superior to the Catholics. He says it is bigotry on the part of the Protestants.

• Her father thinks the drumming is just a bunch of noise, while Catherine thinks it is thrilling and can feel the beat in her chest.

• Catherine is surprised by some of the changes...

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