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Essay Topic 1

In the time setting of GOOD-BYE COLUMBUS it is the 1950s when unmarried pregnant girls were pariahs but the boys involved were overlooked as boys just being boys. Write a paper on how you think the story of Neil and Brenda would be different today.

Essay Topic 2

Write a paper about how you feel about class consciousness. Express whether you think it still exists today. Be specific with your reasons and give examples.

Essay Topic 3

Write a paper pointing out the similarities and differences between Mrs. Patimkin and Aunt Gladys. Specifically, show how their attitudes are similar though from a different point on the social scale.

Essay Topic 4

Write a paper on whether you think Brenda was simply toying with Neil or whether she really was in love but could not face the problems their relationship would involve.

Essay Topic 5

In GOOD-BYE COLUMBUS the question of...

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