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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Graves dispatched to join a unit destined for combat in France?

2. How long was Graves in Harfleur 'Bull Ring'?

3. When did Graves begin to feel shame about his German heritage?

4. What color were the ribbons the Royal Welch Fusiliers wore on the back of their dress tunics?

5. In what sport did Graves win a first place prize?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does Graves explain the concept of relative risk which evolved by the combatants in the trenches?

2. How were Graves and his siblings raised and what was the system they were raised under?

3. What did Amalie von Ranke believe she could do once she met Alfred Graves?

4. Describe how Graves found his experiences climbing with George Mallory.

5. What would the English soldiers do before a mass attack which some could find grisly, but the soldiers felt necessary to help the survivors?

6. How did Graves become aware of the class distinctions and how did he view them during this time?

7. What happened in August of 1915 which would be helpful to a later major offensive in the area around La Bassye?

8. Why did it bother Graves greatly when England became more and more anti-German?

9. Why was Graves unable to use the new gas masks and why was this of concern to him?

10. What was Graves' opinion related to Mallory and the climb up Mount Everest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How would you describe the events in this novel? Why do you feel that way? In what way has reading the personal accounts within this novel changed your personal views or beliefs?

Essay Topic 2

What character traits can be found in common with many of the characters described throughout the novel? Are these positive or negative character traits? Do you believe most of the characters are positive role models? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

What do you believe is Graves' purpose in writing this novel? Do you believe he achieved his purpose? How do you feel after reading the novel?

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