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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following best describes Graves' skills at sports?
(a) Inept
(b) Uninformed
(c) Exceling
(d) Average

2. What did Amalie von Ranke want to perform while traveling?
(a) Sight seeing
(b) Humanitarian services
(c) Finding a husband
(d) Writing travel brochures

3. Which of the following classes of people ranked lowest within the social code that Graves describes?
(a) Immigrant workers
(b) Women
(c) Bourgeoisie
(d) Serfs

4. What did Graves' first wife die from?
(a) Plague
(b) Cancer
(c) Tuberculousis
(d) Childbirth

5. How old were Robert's parents when he was born?
(a) Mother 40; Father 49
(b) Mother 50; Father 30
(c) Mother 30; Father 50
(d) Mother 48; Father 42

Short Answer Questions

1. What position did Graves hold during his final year at Charterhouse?

2. What sport did Graves take up to help him be left alone by school bullies?

3. Why were Graves' clothing and possessions considered second-rate?

4. How far back is Graves able to trace his ancestral history?

5. Where was Graves born?

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