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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chips joke that he thought that a "Wurlitzer" was?

2. Who was the smallest new boy Brookfield had ever had?

3. What did Chips become in the eyes of the students following Katherine's death?

4. What did everyone notice about Chips after Katherine's death?

5. In Chapter 9, which game was Chips congratulated for playing in a decent way?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 14, what did Mr. Chips do that some people found inappropriate?

2. What troubled a student named Grayson in Chapter 10?

3. What did everyone seem to accept about Chips following Katherine's death?

4. Who was Sir John Rivers, and what message did he take to Chips in Chapter 11?

5. When did Chips take his second retirement?

6. What does Chips still have memorized in Chapter 9?

7. What did Chips say to his students in his farewell speech?

8. In Chapter 16, how do the new boys at Brookfield react to Mr. Chips? What does that say about him?

9. Which dignitary does Chips remember visiting the school? How did Chips feel about that person?

10. What did Chatteris ask Chips to do since many younger teachers were away fighting in the War?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and interpret the conclusion of the novel "Good-bye, Mr. Chips". What happens at the end of the novel? Are there any unanswered questions? Why might Hilton have chosen to end the novel the way that he did?

Essay Topic 2

What is contrast? What are some examples of contrast in the novel? How does Hilton illustrate those contrasts?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze and interpret the character, Mr. Chips. What are his defining character traits? What struggles and obstacles does he face throughout the novel? What does the reader learn about his background, career, and family life?

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