Good-bye, Mr. Chips Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Chips schedule his daily life?

Chips goes about his daily life according to the school schedule. For example - following the toll of the school bell to tell him when to eat and when to go to bed.

2. Who is Mrs. Wickett? What does Dr. Merivale tell her about Chips' health?

Mrs. Wickett is Chips' landlady whom he has lived with in a house across from Brookfield School for the past ten years. Though he tells Chips that he is in good health, Dr. Merivale cautions Mrs. Wickett to keep an eye on him.

3. How did Mr. Wetherby counsel Chips before he began teaching at Brookfield School?

When Chips was hired to work at Brookfield School, the headmaster Mr. Wetherby, counseled him to give Brookfield his all, and that Brookfield would return the favor. Mr. Wetherby also advised Chips to be a disciplinarian and to take a stern attitude with the students from the very beginning - something he thinks that Chips must have failed to do in his first teaching assignment.

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