Good-bye, Mr. Chips Character Descriptions

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Mr. Chips

This character is the story's protagonist and was a very popular teacher.

Katherine Bridges

This character taught the protagonist how to enjoy life,share joy, and laugh.

Mr. Wetherby

This character hired the protagonist to work at Brookfield.

Mrs. Wickett

This character is whom the protagonist lives with after retirement.

Dr. Merivale

This character checks on the protagonist's health on a bi-weekly basis.

Headmaster Ralston

This character encouraged the protagonist to retire.

Headmaster Chatteris

This character asked the protagonist to come out of retirement and return to Brookfield School.


This character is the last student who visits with the protagonist.

Max Staefel

This character was killed in World War I.

Mr. Chips' Students

The protagonist considers these characters to be his own children.

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