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Chapter I

• Mr. Chips, a retired elderly teacher, is growing sleepy by the fire and asks his landlady for a cup of tea.

• Dr. Merivale tells Chips that he is healthy, but warns Mrs. Wickett to keep an eye on him.

• Headmaster Wetherby hires Chips to work at Brookfield School.

• Wetherby advises Chips to be a good disciplinarian.

• Chips remembers the first student whom he punished at Brookfield - a boy named Colley. He later teaches Colley's son and grandson.

• Chips is moved by the memories that he recalls, and fights back tears.

Chapter II

• Established in the Elizabethan era, Brookfield is a second-rank school that is mainly attended by middle-class boys.

• Chips once dreamed of being headmaster at a first-rate school, but found that Brookfield suited him better.

• Chips works at Brookfield until his retirement.

Chapter III

• Chips is pleased with his comfortable room at Mrs. Wickett's...

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