Objects & Places from Gone for Good

Harlan Coben
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New Jersey

This is where Will grows up.

Burnett Hill Elementary School

This is where Ken and Will attend grade school.

97 Coddington Terrace

This is where Julie is murdered.

Covenant House

This is where Will meets Nora.

New York City

This is where Will and Nora live.

Camp Millstone

This is where Ken and Will attend a reunion with childhood friends.

The Regina Hotel

This is where Nora is staying when Will finally finds her.

South Orange Water Resevoir

This is where Will and Katy are apparently held by the Ghost.


This is where Nora and Sheila met.

Yoga Squared

This is the name of the institution founded by Squares.

Las Vegan, Nevada

This is where Morty Meyers lives.

Goldberg Pharmacy

This is where Abe and Sadie Goldberg create fake identities for people looking to hide.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is where Sheila Rogers and Ken Klein...

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