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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of drug was Blackwell processing?
(a) Cocaine
(b) Heroin
(c) Catamine
(d) Marijuana

2. What is Goldfinger's house called?
(a) The Becks
(b) The Grange
(c) The Runnery
(d) The Old Mill

3. What nationality is Junius Du Pont?
(a) French
(b) American
(c) Bulgarian
(d) German

4. What does Bond find in a cabinet upstairs?
(a) Bombs
(b) Gold bars
(c) Food
(d) Movie cameras

5. What city is Bond in at the beginning of the chapter?
(a) New York
(b) Chicago
(c) Miami
(d) New Orleans

6. Who knocks on Bond's hotel door?
(a) Goldfinger
(b) Jill Masterton
(c) Felix Leiter
(d) The porter

7. What is the make of Bond's gun?
(a) A Magnum
(b) A Laminate HT
(c) A Twister
(d) A Walther PPK

8. What kind of company did Blackwell claim to have?
(a) A fertilizer company
(b) A dating agency
(c) A metal factory
(d) A coffee company

9. What is Universal Export's specialty?
(a) Cars
(b) Fish
(c) Surveillance
(d) Small arms

10. What city does Bond want to travel to?
(a) Miami
(b) Chicago
(c) Los Angeles
(d) New York

11. Which country other than England does Goldfinger have a lab?
(a) Switzerland
(b) India
(c) France
(d) Germany

12. What is Alfred Blacking's job at Royal St. Marks?
(a) Club pro
(b) Greenkeeper
(c) Barman
(d) Club secretary

13. What does Du Pont offer Bond $10,000 dollars to do?
(a) Find if Goldfinger cheated him
(b) Beat Goldfinger at cards
(c) Kill Goldfinger
(d) Marry his daughter

14. What game did Du Pont lose $25,000 in?
(a) Canasta
(b) Poker
(c) Blackjack
(d) Baccarat

15. What does Goldfinger give Oddjob to eat for dinner?
(a) A cat
(b) Tobbaco
(c) A dog
(d) Cheese

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bond want to take on the train as a hostage?

2. What does Oddjob break with his hand?

3. What sport does Goldfinger ask Bond he can play?

4. What is Hawker's job at the golf club?

5. Who does Bond meet at the Bank of England?

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