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British Secret Service

This is the external branch of the British intelligence service that covers foreign espionage.


It is the brutal Soviet-led anti spy network for which Goldfinger provides financial backing.


Bond's model has had special modifications built in, including changeable headlights, reinforced bumpers for ramming, a hidden gun compartment, a homing beacon receiver and several hidden compartments.

Walther PPK

It is a small German-made police pistol and Bond's preferred side arm.

Silver Ghost

It is the luxurious and expensive automobile manufactured by Rolls Royce in England.


It is a former international airline based in Britain. Goldfinger steals one of its aircraft to flee America.

The Grange

It is the large house in Reculver, England, where Goldfinger lives and has a metallurgy factory.

Royal St. Mark's

It is the golf club near Sandwich where Bond and Goldfinger meet for the second time and...

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