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Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 56 - 60.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What collapses in Chapter 1?
(a) Big King's house.
(b) Cliff.
(c) Love affair.
(d) Section 43.

2. When Big King leads his Shangaan's back to Dump town at a trot, what is he singing?
(a) Peace songs.
(b) Love songs.
(c) Fighting songs.
(d) Nationality songs.

3. What does Johnny say that they are less than a thousand feet from?
(a) Well spring.
(b) Dipper.
(c) Cavern.
(d) Dallas.

4. What does the office environment mentioned in Chapter 11 resemble?
(a) An orchard.
(b) A brothel.
(c) A modern high-rise.
(d) A wealthy government office.

5. Where does King go after the mining ceremony?
(a) His engine room.
(b) The laundromat.
(c) His employer's suite.
(d) Recruiting Agency Office.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Manfred's caller on the phone ask about?

2. Where does Johnny go to drink and dance?

3. Who is is still with the general manager after her thirty-day probation period passes?

4. What does Manfred look over that Andrew gave him in Chapter 42?

5. Who designed the office environment for one of the richest and most influential men in Africa?

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