Objects & Places from Gold Mine

Wilbur Smith
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The Mary Anne - This is a small cage which is used to hoist and lower personnel, handling forty men at a time.

Witwatersrand - This is the location of the gold mines in Africa.

Squealers - This is the name given by miners to the men caught under tons of rock but still alive and conscious.

The Sonder Ditch Mine - This is located an hour from the city of Johannesburg. It is one of the fifty or sixty companies that makes up the Central Rand Consolidate Group.

Central Rand Consolidated Group - This is a selection of fifty to sixty companies under the control of Manfred Steyner.

The Big Dipper - A geological oddity, this is a wall of hard serpentine rock that runs under a grassy field where a large portion of the Sonder Ditch lease area is.

Dump City - This is...

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