Gold Mine Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Rod Ironsides - This character is the capable, competent, and intelligent underground manager for The Sonder Ditch Mine.

Manfred Steyner - This character has light brown hair, wears glasses, loves to gamble, and is revengeful and greedy.

Big King Nkulu - This character is powerful, dances, kills a concession owner, and dies saving the mine.

Teresa Steyner - This character is warm, friendly, in a loveless marriage, and gets involved with another character.

Johnny Delange - This character is 27 years old, works hard at drilling, and is married to a dishonest person.

Davy Delange - This character mines well, is two years older than a sibling, is lustful, and gets killed in a methane explosion.

Hurry Hirschfeld - This character owns more than a quarter of the share capital of Central Rand Consolidated and twenty percent of its voting rights.

Hettie Delange - This character is...

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