Going to Meet the Man Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe what the children are told will happen if they play on the rockpile in The Rockpile.

The children in The Rockpile are told if they play on the rockpile, the subway underneath will crash and kill everyone. As a result, the Grimes boys are not allowed to play there, although some other boys do.

2. Describe what the Grimes boys do on Saturdays.

The Grimes boys, Roy and John, sit on the fire escape of their apartment building every Saturday. They watch the other boys play on the rockpile across the street.

3. What does Roy tell John he's going to do one day?

Roy tells John that he is going to play on the rockpile for 5 minutes. Roy ends up getting distracted by a locomotive drawing and stays much longer than 5 minutes.

4. What happens when Roy is at the rockpile?

When Roy is at the rockpile, a fight breaks out with the other boys. Someone throws a can and it hits Roy in the face and he begins to bleed.

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