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The Rockpile

• The Rockpile

• The rockpile is a pile of rocks that lies across the street from the Grimes' apartment.

• The boys are told never to play on the rocks for the subway underneath will crash and kill the people inside.

• Every Saturday, John and Roy watch other boys play on the rocks from their apartment's fire escape.
• One day, Roy tells John he is going to play for 5 minutes and ends up staying a lot longer.

• A fight breaks out at the rockpile and a can flies and hits Roy in the head, causing him to bleed.

• Someone takes Roy home and his mom is very frightened for herself and for what her husband will say about him being at the rocks.

• When Gabriel comes home, he is very angry at his wife and sons.
• When Gabriel learns that John knew Roy was at the rocks and...

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