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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Noree's discussion with Leto regarding Leto's coming death and the new way of life that will reign, Noree smiles at Leto and says that women can make decisions. What decision does Noree make?
(a) Noree will wed Leto.
(b) Noree will flee Onn.
(c) Noree will kill Siona.
(d) Noree will harbor rebels.

2. As Nayla and Moneo are talking in the Citadel, Siona enters. What does Moneo first notice about Siona after her test?
(a) The new Fish Speaker uniform.
(b) The beginning of her undoing.
(c) The new mental strength she displays.
(d) The beginning of her metamorphosis.

3. When Leto and Siona finally come to a stop in the middle of the desert, how far have they traveled in four hours?
(a) Forty miles.
(b) Forty kilometers.
(c) Sixty kilometers.
(d) Sixty miles.

4. What is Siyanoq?
(a) The first step in the metamorphosis ritual.
(b) The rites of passage for males.
(c) The sharing of a spice-infused wafer.
(d) The transformation of girls into eligible women.

5. As Leto draws closer to becoming a sandworm, what does Leto find it harder to be?
(a) Loving.
(b) Inhuman.
(c) Powerful.
(d) Compassionate.

6. What is the test Siona must undergo?
(a) Siona must summon Idaho.
(b) Siona must taste the spice.
(c) Siona must fight Leto.
(d) Siona must find her way out of the desert.

7. Why does Noree suggest to Leto that the Face Dancers all be eliminated?
(a) The Face Dancers are too timid to be valiant fighters.
(b) The Face Dancers will rise and overthrow Leto.
(c) The Face Dancers represent Leto's vulnerability.
(d) The Face Dancers are too cruel to be human.

8. Why has Leto refrained from eliminating the Tleilaxu?
(a) Leto wants the Tleilaxu to accept his rule voluntarily.
(b) Leto feels that such specialists have uses.
(c) Leto needs their spy network.
(d) Leto feels threatened by the Tleilaxu.

9. During the evenings during Siona's testing, what does Leto share with Siona?
(a) Stories from Moneo's youth.
(b) Songs changed by history.
(c) Songs omitted from the oral history.
(d) Stories from Leto's youth.

10. Who is Norma Cenva?
(a) The true inventor of the Guild ship.
(b) Leto's maternal grandmother.
(c) The first explorer to go into the desert.
(d) Leto's first love.

11. As Moneo and Leto are alone in the Citadel going over wedding arrangements, what about Leto awes Moneo?
(a) Leto's ruthlessness.
(b) Leto's wedding plans.
(c) Leto's emotional pain.
(d) Noree's willingness to marry Leto.

12. According to Leto, what does any religion depend upon?
(a) A full moon.
(b) An inescapable truth.
(c) An adoring public.
(d) A lethal sun.

13. What does Leto suspect Moneo harbors in Moneo's private room?
(a) A rebel plan.
(b) An illegal computer.
(c) An illegal oracular eye.
(d) An illegal text.

14. How long does it take the Tleilaxu to produce replacement Idahos?
(a) Two months.
(b) Two years.
(c) Two days.
(d) Two weeks.

15. How does Siona travel to her first meeting with Leto since her banishment?
(a) By a 'thorse.
(b) By 'thopter.
(c) By a secret tunnel.
(d) By cart.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Siona asks Moneo who he trusts, how does Moneo reply?

2. Who accompanies Siona to the meeting between Leto and Siona?

3. What does Leto learn from the Tleilaxu in regard to the Ixians?

4. In the midst of Idaho's rants and anger while talking to Moneo in the underground corridor, what does Moneo tell Idaho to do?

5. As Leto is questioning Idaho's longevity, who does Leto advise Idaho to trust?

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