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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Nayla and Moneo are talking in the Citadel, Siona enters. What does Moneo first notice about Siona after her test?
(a) The beginning of her metamorphosis.
(b) The beginning of her undoing.
(c) The new mental strength she displays.
(d) The new Fish Speaker uniform.

2. Why is Moneo afraid of spice?
(a) Because the spice kills people prematurely.
(b) Because of what the spice has done to Leto.
(c) Because the spice causes highly aggressive behavior.
(d) Because of how the spice corrupts good people.

3. As Leto and Siona make their way into the desert to begin Siona's test, how does the flatness and barrenness of the desert make Siona feel?
(a) Exhilarated.
(b) Scared.
(c) Abandoned.
(d) Lonely.

4. As Idaho strides from the Guard mess to his citadel quarters, Idaho is angry. Why?
(a) Leto orders Idaho to stay away from Noree.
(b) Leto orders the Fish Speakers to test Idaho's loyalty.
(c) Leto orders Idaho to continue his stud duties.
(d) Leto orders Idaho to kill Moneo.

5. What ritual does Leto insist on performing himself at the wedding?
(a) The Enlightening ritual.
(b) The Gathering ritual.
(c) The Old Fremen ritual.
(d) The Enduring Love ritual.

6. As Moneo and Leto are alone in the Citadel going over wedding arrangements, what about Leto awes Moneo?
(a) Leto's ruthlessness.
(b) Noree's willingness to marry Leto.
(c) Leto's wedding plans.
(d) Leto's emotional pain.

7. Why does Noree find Anteac frightening?
(a) Anteac found and removed Face Dancers from the Ixian embassy.
(b) Anteac has the support of the God Emperor.
(c) Anteac can read Noree's mind.
(d) Anteac found the cryptic volumes Siona stole from Leto.

8. Who is the commander of the plaza forces?
(a) Nyshae.
(b) Idaho.
(c) Malky.
(d) Chenoeh.

9. When dawn breaks, Moneo has news that he is worried about presenting to the Worm. What is the news?
(a) That Noree has fled.
(b) That Anteac is a Mentat.
(c) That Siona has been captured.
(d) That Idaho is dead.

10. Where is the wedding of Leto and Noree originally scheduled to take place?
(a) In Ix.
(b) In the Citadel.
(c) In the Forbidden Forest.
(d) In Tabur Village.

11. According to Leto, what does any religion depend upon?
(a) An adoring public.
(b) A full moon.
(c) A lethal sun.
(d) An inescapable truth.

12. When Siona and Idaho land in Onn, what does Siona ask if Idaho would be offended by?
(a) Being Idaho's stud.
(b) Being Siona's lover.
(c) Being Leto's pawn.
(d) Being Siona's friend.

13. In the midst of Idaho's rants and anger while talking to Moneo in the underground corridor, what does Moneo tell Idaho to do?
(a) Leave.
(b) Kill Leto.
(c) Train.
(d) Grow up.

14. As Leto draws closer to becoming a sandworm, what does Leto find it harder to be?
(a) Powerful.
(b) Loving.
(c) Inhuman.
(d) Compassionate.

15. When Leto and Siona finally come to a stop in the middle of the desert, how far have they traveled in four hours?
(a) Sixty kilometers.
(b) Forty miles.
(c) Forty kilometers.
(d) Sixty miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Leto reveals his vulnerability to Siona. What does he share with her that makes Leto physically vulnerable?

2. As Leto and Noree are watching the Face Dancers perform, Moneo arrives. Why is Moneo furious with Leto?

3. Siona and Leto meet for the first time since Leto banished Siona to Onn. Where does the meeting take place?

4. To what is Noree's first loyalty?

5. After Idaho and Siona are flown to a "safe place," what does Idaho realize?

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