God Emperor of Dune Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. At the beginning of the story, three intruders steal the two cryptic volumes from the fortress. What do they hope the volumes reveal?

The three intruders hope the cryptic volumes will contain vital information needed to find Leto's hoard of melange-spice.

2. Why is melange the most valuable substance known to humankind?

The melange is an addictive spice that offers longevity and limited prescience. It is no longer being naturally produced and is only found on Dune.

3. How has Leto kept peace for the 3,000 years of his reign?

Leto has kept peace for 3,000 years by doling out melange as reward and punishment.

4. Describe what Leto looks like since undergoing the metamorphosis.

Since undergoing the metamorphosis, all Leto retains of humanity is his face. He is a "pre-worm" and is seven meters long and two meters wide. His legs and arms have atrophied, and he weighs five tons.

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