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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 310-350.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Leto and Siona stand on the balcony during their first meeting, who does Leto realize Siona resembles?
(a) Nayla.
(b) Ghanima.
(c) Noree.
(d) Harq al-Ada.

2. What do the investigators include, as laid out in their report, concerning the Fish Speakers?
(a) There has been no progress in allying with them.
(b) There has been substantial progress in allying with them.
(c) The Fish Speakerss are forcibly disarming the Sisterhood.
(d) The Fish Speakers are nearing war.

3. In Leto's mind, what is Leto accomplishing through his grand plan?
(a) Leto is saving humankind from itself.
(b) Leto is ensuring the survival of the human race.
(c) Leto is restoring the rightful rule of sandworms.
(d) Leto is helping Siona assume the power that is rightfully hers.

4. As Leto and Noree are watching the Face Dancers perform, Moneo arrives. Why is Moneo furious with Leto?
(a) Moneo discovered Siona had betrayed Leto.
(b) Moneo was afraid that Leto had been killed.
(c) Moneo had warned Leto to not leave the Citadel.
(d) Moneo was not told about the betrothal beforehand.

5. In the beginning of the story, when Idaho is killed, whose name does Idaho call out?
(a) Leto.
(b) Muad'Dib.
(c) Siona.
(d) Moneo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the "Welback Fragment" contain?

2. According to Leto, what is the art of government?

3. Why does Noree suggest to Leto that the Face Dancers all be eliminated?

4. Why is Moneo afraid of spice?

5. What makes up the Arrakian three-mode transportation system?

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